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Helping youths & their families

find hope, healing, & purpose beyond trauma

Let's talk about the JOURNEY TO HEALING

Our mission is to help youth and their families find hope and purpose beyond trauma.

Statistics prove that children living in poor neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from traumatic incidents, like witnessing or being the victims of violence, neglect, or abuse. These kids also struggle with daily stress caused by food or housing insecurities and overworked, underemployed, stressed-out parents. Children who have gone through abuse or other trauma have a higher risk of developing a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our organization is dedicated to guiding youth and their families beyond trauma into a life filled with love, community, and purpose. Inspired by the teachings of Christ and guided by John 10:10, we believe that God intended for us to live abundant lives, and it is our mission to help others realize this truth. Together, we forge strong partnerships, walking hand-in-hand with individuals on their journey towards healing, growth, and a brighter future.

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Gifting OnPurpose

Almost half (46%) of Houston families are living below the poverty level. Of those families, 47% are Black or Hispanic. Many are uninsured and dealing with trauma, stress, and mental anguish.

Grant funding only takes us so far in our mission to support individuals on their journey to healing and self-sufficiency. We have a very strong reputation in our communities and with our partners. These are just some of the assets that have set us up to lead, expand, and sustain our movement. We need help from companies and people like you to help us grow and continue to make a difference.

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Our specialists work with adolescents at schools, after-school, and in the community.

MOBILE mental health & OUTREACH

Psychological and spiritual care where families need it most.

Christian Counseling & Support

Licensed clinicians supporting human flourishing.

OnPurpose president & ceo

Renae Johnson, MPA, PhD Student

As the founder of OnPurpose, I am profoundly moved by the journey we have embarked on over the last six years. Our achievements fill me with gratitude, and the potential for what lies ahead ignites my excitement even further. Inspired by my passion for human flourishing, our mission to expand access to mental health services is driven by the transformative power of healing. Through our efforts, children and families are finding relief, embracing life with purpose, and building resilience.

It is our fervent hope that by adopting a holistic approach to support, we can offer individuals—especially those in underprivileged black and brown communities—a chance at healing and self-sufficiency, effectively leveling the societal playing field. This vision is deeply rooted in the belief that “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalms 147:3), and that through faith and action, we can “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Our foundation is robust, and we are poised for continued, mindful growth that prioritizes the well-being of those we serve. As you learn more about the essence and impact of OnPurpose, I hope you feel inspired to join us, whether as a partner or donor, in our mission to nurture human flourishing beyond trauma. Together, guided by scripture and a shared vision for healing, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many, guiding them towards a future where they can thrive, on purpose.

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