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Our Core Programs & Services

Programs Rooted in Faith &

grounded in Christian Flourishing

At the heart of our mission, OnPurpose has programs that reflects the deep-seated Christian understanding of God’s intentions for humanity, focusing on Healing, Flourishing, and Purpose. Through this spiritual care and treatment model, OnPurpose endeavors to lead individuals on a transformative path from healing to flourishing, ultimately guiding them to embrace their divine purpose.


Adolescent Wellness and Prevention

Our youth-focused programs offer a holistic approach to therapy, prevention, and therapeutic afterschool activities aimed at fostering adolescent well-being and resilience. We are dedicated to guiding youth through their formative years with comprehensive support that emphasizes personal growth, health, and academic success.  Programs are offered in the community, schools and at Christian churches.

Our goal is to help students:

Alleviate social and emotional challenges

Build supportive relationships

Develop coping strategies

Gain self confidence

Have healthy conversation

Purpose Healing Journey's™

Mobile Trauma Support & Christian Outreach

Our groundbreaking mobile mental health and Christian outreach program is designed to extend a helping hand to those experiencing trauma. By mobilizing resources and partnering with a network of organizations, including churches, we bring support directly to the individuals in need. This program is uniquely structured to offer a blend of professional psychological treatment, spiritual care, and victim advocacy. 

Our hope is to increase access through:

Connections to Christian resources

Community partnerships

Mobile mental health services

Biblical counseling training & support to churches

Education to dispel mental health myths

Counseling withPurpose™

Our Counseling withPurpose™ initiative brings together licensed clinicians and social workers, dedicated to guiding individuals through their challenges toward a journey of healing and transformation. We strive to provide a healing path that nurtures both the mind and the spirit, reflecting the healing grace of God in every interaction. Our multidisciplinary team specializes in Christian Counseling, combining faith-based principles with clinical and social service expertise to support holistic well-being and sustainable change. Inspired by the promise of Psalms 30:2, “LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me,” our mission is to be a beacon of hope and renewal. 

Here’s how we make a difference:

Biblical guidance

Christian-integrated therapy

Compassionate and caring team

Holistic healing encompassing the whole person

Fostering forgiveness and release

We Care About Youth & Families

We are a dynamic team of individuals who are committed to the success of our youth and families. If you would like to help OnPurpose achieve our mission and make a difference, we’d really like to hear from you!

Become a donor! Every dollar helps to provide hope and purpose to those devastated by the long-term effects of poverty.